Who is the voice behind Destination Last First Date?

Who am I?

I’m Rosie.

I am a Mother of two children and amicably and happily separated for the past 5 years.

When I started dating I though it would be fun.

A journey full of candlelit dinners, coffees, walking hand in hand through the country side with a few lovely men until – after not too long. 

I would meet my partner and we would build a life together.

I was wrong…so wrong.

Yes, I have met some nice men but none of them partner material.

I have also expereinced all the things that come with modern day dating such as ghosting, orbiting , breadcrumbing.

Break ups and heartache.

And whilst I would like to say I have done this in a cool, calm manner –  I haven’t.


Dating makes me go a bit crazy – mostly to my anxious attachment style.

So after years of finding dating exhausting and stressful I decided a change needed to happen.

I started researching everything I could to do with dating, love and relationships and have created a framework to help me calm my anxious attachment and navigate the dating world in a calm and orderly manner.

I want to help you do that too.

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You may have noticed that there aren’t any pictures of me on the site and be wondering why is that?

Well its simple.

The aim of Destination Last First Date is to help all daters but particualry those with an anxious attachment to navigate the modern dating world ease. To help make it a less stressful and process.

I want to do that by sharing my real life expereinces, thoughts and the knowledge that I have built up over hundreds of hours into researching relationships, love, dating and attachement styles.

And I want to share that honestly and openly…however that would clash badly with my day job.

I am a clinician and entrepreneur in the health space.

Some of the things I say here may be controversial to some and I  don’t want my colleagues or patients questioning me about my dating life.

So for now my face will stay off the site. 

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I’ll help you navigate the dating world and get you to destination last first date.