Astute dating advice

For daters with an anxious attachment style


Dating not what it was ‘when you were younger’

If you are back in the dating game, possibly unexpectedly and struggling now that everything has changed.

Don’t worry you are not alone.

Destination Last First Date is here with astute dating advice to help you navigate dating how it is today…whilst letting you keep your cool and get on with the rest of your busy life.


Are you enjoying dating?

Dating is supposed to be fun right? 

Wrong… well kind of.

The modern dating world is tough, especially if you have an anxious attachement style. 

So rather than be an exciting time, dating and looking for that person who will be your last first date feels overwhelming.

Dating feels  like a full time job that makes you emotional and affects every part of your life.

You don’t want to play games, you just want to find a partner and start a life together. 

It really shouldn’t  be that hard.

With my the expereinces, knowledge and advice it won’t be.